Powerful Organics is a socially responsible company. It does not focus only on ensuring the profit. Rather it cares about the well being of the people and the planet. Therefore, Kadesha Powell, who is the leading force behind powerful organics, established the K.P Royal Foundation. She established this non-profit organization and is doing well for other peoples. Let’s understand what KP Royal Foundation is about:-

KP Royal Foundation

KP Royal Foundation was founded by Kadesha Powell with a vision to spread awareness in the autism spectrum. The organization works in the following areas.

Advocacy for Autism Awareness

KP Royal foundation work to build advocacy for the spread of autism awareness. The founder Kedesha Powell is very enthusiastic about the advocacy efforts for spreading awareness related to autism.

Research for Autism Awareness

KP Royal Foundation works in the area of research related to autism. The Founder of the KP Royal Foundation works tirelessly to research and understand the impact of autism and its spread.

Access to Care

KP Royal Foundation advocates access to care for all the people of Autism. Therefore, Kedesha Powell participates in various activities to understand real life experiences.

Support Services

KP Royal Foundation advocates that the support services should be accessible to all the people of autism. Only in this way, we can make a better world. Therefore, it is the vision of Kedesha Powell to advocate Support Services for all.

How Powerful Organics Support KP Royal Foundation?

Powerful Organics not only empowers wellness and health but also gives back to the community. About 50% of its proceeds are donated to certified 501(C)(3) non-profit organization KPROYALFOUNDATION. This organization is also founded by Kedesha Powell with a vision to increase autism spectrum awareness through advocacy, research and access to care and support services. Indeed, this shows that Powerful organics is a socially responsible company that care about the well being of the people of every segment of society

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