NONI is a yellow, lumpy, and mango-sized fruit. The fruit is derived from the tree called Morindacitrifolia. The tree grows among the lava flows in Southeast Asia, mainly in Polynesia. The taste of noni juice is very bitter. It has a very distinct odor that is sometimes compared to stinky cheese. Noni fruit is extremely hard to get but it has countless benefits. Therefore, it is ideal to be used in organics products. Let’s understand why NONI fruit is an important ingredient in the precuts of Powerful Organics.

Why it is an important ingredient in the products of powerful organics?

The juice of this fruit was used in traditional folk medicine by Polynesian peoples in the past. It is commonly used for the treatment of various health issues.

NONI FRUITS is a very rich source of antioxidants. A human body needs a well-balanced amount of antioxidants to maintain optimum health. According to many researchers, the potential health benefits are due to the powerful antioxidant properties. The main antioxidants present in this fruit are;

· Beta carotene

· Iridoids

· Vitamin C

· Vitamin E

Noni juice is rich in Vitamin-C, Vitamin-A, flavonoids, potassium, linoleic, and amino acid. All these work as basic ingredients in the treatment of skin problems. Vitamin C also improves the immune system.

It is also a rich source of phytonutrients. It boosts the ability of the skin to heal collagen. The anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory behavior of NONI is helpful against the infection and breakouts on the skin. Being rich in fatty acids, it provides hydrating properties. To avoid dryness of skin, one can use it for hydrating the skin.


In a nutshell, organic products based on noni fruits will provide a better solution to skin issues. Noni fruits contain all ingredients, which are necessary for the remedy of skin problems. Apart from this product made from noni juice will be environmentally friendly. NONI juice is highly recommended to use in the manufacturing of skin treatment products.

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