Kedesha Powell has recently launched her organic skincare products using noni extract which is a fruit. Using noni power glow oil very useful products have been produced which are very important and beneficial for our skin. She had some issue for which the prescription was not working, she used organic-products.

Noni Fruit

Kedesha Powell took advantage of noni fruit. Its extract was used for making organic products. Noni fruit is also known as Moringa citrafola which is very beneficial for our skin.

Her Attention towards Organic Products

She thus focused on these organic products and make remarkable advances in this field. When everyone was asking about various skin issues and she was also facing the same skin issue, she focused on plants and organic materials in which she succeeded and thus launched organic products for skincare.

Various Organic Products Which She Launched

She made noni power oil, noni rose power oil, noni butter, noni power serum, noni boost scrub, rose mist, and noni hair serum. These all products are the result of her gardening program, she made full use of these organic things and presented these powerful organic products that are helpful in the growth of hair, skin impurities, black spots, stretched marks, wrinkles, cellulite, and toxins in the skin, etc.

Kedesha Powell Channel

Kedesha Powell has her channel on YouTube by the name of "Kedesha Powell". She has also uploaded short videos regarding her launching powerful organic products. Video on each product has been uploaded. I would suggest you watch these videos to know further.


In a nutshell, we can state that Kedesha Powell is very much interested in gardening and horticulture and she took advantage of her passion and launched powerful organic products for our skin. Now we can easily take care of our skin problems. One can easily order these organic products online with a single click.

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